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Our Values

The three core values of Liberti Church are worship, community and mercy.


All of life is worship.  We are all worshippers, whether we may admit it or not.  Because we were created for worship, if we do not worship God, we inexorably worship other finite things; we set our hearts on relationships, careers, money, accomplishments, approval, comfort, power, and so on.  These are all things that we tend to “worship,” instead of worshipping God.  Worship of anyone or anything other than God will ultimately degrade and dehumanize us and our world.

The gospel of Jesus Christ sets us free to worship properly.  The gospel (literally “good news”) of Christ’s death and resurrection proclaims that we can freely receive what none of our own efforts or accomplishments could ever achieve for us––acceptance, approval, and reconciliation with the God we were estranged from.  Freed in Christ and reconciled to God our Father, we now worship the true God instead of worshipping the things he has created.  Since all things were created by God and belong to God, we now celebrate and serve him with the things he has created, instead of worshipping the things themselves.

Corporate worship is the center of the Christian life.  On each Sunday, the day Christ rose from the dead, Christians around the world come together to remember and rehearse the freedom we have received from God in Christ.  In our worship services, we explain and celebrate what God has done, and is doing, for the world through his Son.  Our worship includes song, prayer, confession, Scripture, and communion.  Whether you are skeptical about the Christian faith, curious about Christ, or a seasoned Christian, our doors are open to you.  You are welcome to join us!  For Liberti Collingswood, while we’re a church that locates itself in the Protestant tradition of historic Christianity, we seek to be a community of respect and welcome to all.  We consider non-Christians not enemies but friends, and we seek partners for the common good.

Our community of worshippers meets on Sunday mornings, 9:30am, at 832 Park Ave. in Collingswood. Read more about these worship services here.


One of the great biblical metaphors for the Church is a “body,” where every part of the living organism is connected to and supports the other parts in their growth.  The Christian life was never meant to be lived alone.

God is not against people getting together and having fun.  Jesus partied, and we reflect something about a good world shared when we enjoy each other’s company.  Excellent food and drink don’t hurt, either!

A primary expression of community at Liberti is our home meetings. There are also numerous other events throughout the week to provide opportunities to strengthen community life.  Read more about liberti’s community here.


True Christian mercy is not motivated by compulsion, duty, or guilt.  Rather, Christian mercy is rooted in the awareness that we are all recipients of God’s mercy through Jesus Christ––a mercy that we have done nothing to deserve. In an effort to model the selfless love of Christ to as many as possible, part of the mission of our church is to love the people of South Jersey through acts of service, and also to dream about what this area could and would become.

Among other local initiatives, we regularly partner with Fellowship House of South Camden.  In addition, we are glad participants in the annual Liberti Easter Outreach, which brings thousands of free meals to our region in celebration of the resurrection.  Please tell us either if you’d like to pitch in or have needs yourself that we can address.

Though we are greatly concerned with showing compassion within our region, we believe that the joy and peace of Christ is truly is good news for all people.  Therefore we also partner with our international neighbors around the globe. The Liberti churches currently have fellow workers in Southern Sudan, Rwanda, D.R. Congo, Northern India and Haiti, all striving to live, speak, and serve as the very presence of Jesus.