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Home Meetings

An integral part of development and mission for Liberti churches is weeknight gatherings called “Home Meetings.” These are groups of 15-20 people who gather in individual homes on a regular basis. In Home Meetings, a primary Christian community is developed and fostered. People are introduced to what it means to be a Christian, encouraged in their relationship with God, and supported to make a contribution to the welfare of people in Collingswood and surrounding boroughs. They also provide an opportunity for intimacy, mutual support, practical service, learning about the Christian faith, prayer, and sharing of what God is doing in our midst.

We believe that Christian community is a means for the people of God to participate in God’s redemptive mission. They should be places where individuals are equipped and supported to live, speak, and serve as the presence of Christ among people who do not yet know him. Our desire for Home Meetings is that they would meet together regularly enough to establish and deepen relationships, but not so often our calendars are packed with church activities to the point that it prevents us from spending time with our friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Groups for the 2020-2021 Ministry Year

New season, new small groups!  On Sunday, 9/13, during our simulcast, we announced our ministry emphasis for this school year: COMMUNITY! In keeping with that theme, we’re doubling down on the importance of our Home Meetings, as well as tweaking the logistics in order to accomplish this purpose. Whether you live near or far, sign up here for one of our six groups. We’ll start the year gathering virtually, with many groups later on having a “hybrid” option to allow some folks to meet safely in person with others still online.  As a twist for this time around, each Home Meeting will primarily alternate between guys’ gatherings and gals’ gatherings, which we hope will create the proper group dynamics for lively discussion and relational depth. If you have any questions about Home Meetings, don’t hesitate to reach out to Eric (eric@liberti.org).