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Consistory Nominees

As we prepare for our first election of elders & deacons at Liberti Collingswood, please check out the bios below to get to know a little more about these men and women!

Elder Candidates

Blake Smitley

I’m someone who was constantly afraid of loneliness and felt worthless, but was changed after encountering Jesus.  I love working with kids both at church and my work at a special needs school. I have been a part of Liberti Church for 5 years.  I love trying new BBQ recipes and cooking for my family.

Derek Dalrymple

Derek Dalrymple loves eating donuts and is always in pursuit of the perfect pastry. He calls Oaklyn home and is kept busy caring for his 102 year old home, thirty something wife Kelli and soon to be born baby girl Jean Louise. An account manager by day, Derek’s true passion is in traveling, caring for his neighbor and connecting and ministering in new cultures. He has a special place in his heart for the country and people of Bosnia, with many of his dearest friends residing there.

Gene Park

My name is Gene Park.  I reside in Cherry Hill with my amazing wife Yuna.  I have two beautiful girls, Sophia (11) and Taylor (9).  We also have four cats and a dog. I also serve as the Principal of A. Russell Knight Elementary in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Jesse Carroll

Jesse Carroll has been a member of Liberti Collingswood since its humble beginnings in 2013. He grew up in Marlton and now resides in Audubon with his wife, Megan, who he married in 2016. They have a daughter, Josie, born in August 2018, and another child due in June 2020! Jesse currently serves on the worship team and co-leads Liberti Youth with Megan. He also works as an administrative assistant for the Collingswood School District and is pursuing his Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. Jesse is also a Beatles fanatic and enjoys being asked to expound on his expansive knowledge on this greatest band of all time.

Deacon Candidates

Kathleen Duffy

Kathleen has been a resident of the Collingswood area for all of her 26 years of her life and has been lucky enough to spend the last 3.5 years as a member of Liberti Church Collingswood. Kathleen is a child and adolescent social worker in North Philadelphia schools. Though her clients at work do a good job keeping her on her feet she also loves investing her time and energy into the children of Liberti church. Her own child is a wonderful Betta fish named MelFin that she happily claimed as her own after he somehow found himself part of a white elephant gift exchange.

Kevin Carroll

I am a man in need of God’s grace. I was born in Providence, RI. and will be celebrating 37 years of marriage to my wife Barbara this April. We have three children (Stephanie, Jesse & Elizabeth) I also have a wonderful son in law and daughter in law (Seth & Megan). I also have the great honor of being the grandfather of Josephine Carroll and am looking forward to our 2nd grandchild this June. I have been attending Liberti Collingswood for roughly five years having followed my son Jesse who started attending Liberti a few years before me

My main career job was in the offshore oil and gas industry. I spent ten years working of the west coast of Africa (primarily Nigeria) where I got to meet African believers in Christ. I currently work for a company that runs the New Jersey Clean energy program.

I was raised a Roman Catholic and attended parochial school. I wound up drifting away from faith in my late teens and embraced existential philosophy.  However, God had other plans for me. I slowly but surely turned my heart back toward my Lord and was baptized as a believer in 1986. We attended a small Baptist Church in RI where Barbara was also baptized and where our three children were dedicated to the Lord.

Maia Root

Maia Root has been attending Liberti Collingswood since June of 2014 when she moved to the area from Rochester, NY. She has been a member and then leader of the Finance Team from the very beginning. Maia also leads worship so you might have seen her up-front tickling the ivories. Maia recently started her own bookkeeping company and loves helping people with personal finances.

Megan Carroll

Megan Carroll joined Liberti Collingswood shortly before marrying Jesse in 2016. She has enjoyed serving our church in a variety of roles, including co-leading Liberti Youth this year. Megan is a professional flutist who teaches and performs regularly in the area and is a mother of one and one on the way. Originally from the Chicago area, Megan developed her own deep-dish pizza recipe out of desperation!