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The Lenten tradition began in the 3rd and 4th centuries of the early church. The practice derived from the biblical narrative of the people of Israel being tested during its 40 years of wandering, as well as from Jesus’ forty day fast in the wilderness. The church has adopted this 40 day period as a season of preparation and repentance in anticipation of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

In Lent, we follow Jesus to the cross, and discover more of what it means to belong together to the crucified and risen One. It is also a season of reflection upon our deep need for the great salvation that Christ has purchased for us. Whether you are only beginning to follow Jesus, or have been a Christian for quite some time, we hope that this season will mold your life around the cross and empty tomb in deeper way.

Services and Events

March 6 Ash Wednesday
March 10 – First Sunday in Lent
March 17 – Second Sunday in Lent & Food Pantry Donation
March 24 – Third Sunday in Lent & Church Brunch
March 31 – Fourth Sunday in Lent
April 7 – Fifth Sunday in Lent
April 14 – Palm Sunday
April 20 – Meal Distribution
April 21 Easter Sunday


Lent for Everyone: Matthew by N. T. Wright

Join us as we explore the season of Lent using this fantastic daily devotional. Copies are available for purchase on Sunday mornings. (Recommended donation: $10). If cost is prohibitive, please, let us know, and we’ll give you the book!

Weekday Morning Prayer

In keeping both with the liturgical season of Lent and also with this year’s ministry emphasis upon prayer, we’re pleased to offer a simple time of prayer every Friday morning between now and Easter.  We’ll be gathering from 7:00am to 7:30am each Friday in the Conference Room (i.e., the room to the rear of the sanctuary where Liberti Kids III meets).  The half hour itself will include a combination of liturgical as well as free form prayers.  See if you can build these weekly prayer times into your rhythms this season!

Mercy and Justice Initiatives

Toiletries Collection for the Collingswood Food Pantry at St. Paul’s

You may not realize that the Collingswood Food Pantry at St. Paul’s Lutheran is THE food pantry for Collingswood and its surrounding boroughs (i.e., Woodlyn, Oaklyn, Audubon, Haddon Heights, and Haddon Township). Historically, the season of Lent in the life of the church has been characterized both by humility and also service.  To that end, we’re glad to hold our next Food Pantry Challenge during this time in our liturgical calendar!  Our small groups will begin to collect items for the Food Pantry at St. Pauls, and we’ll all deliver everything to the Fellowship Hall on Sunday, 3/17.  This time around, we’re focusing only on dish and laundry detergent, which are items that can’t stay in stock at the pantry.  Let’s see which small group donates the most soaps! You can see a list of the other supplies we typically collect here.  Please email Debra Hayes (hay540@aol.com) with questions. And if you are not connected to a small group, you can still bring donations on Sunday, 3/17!

Easter Outreach

Easter Outreach is a ​partnership between the Liberti Network of Churches and other local churches ​working together to give out at least 10,000 dinners to families in the greater Philadelphia region. We’ll also provide famine relief and clean water to families in South Sudan through ​Water Is Basic. ​All of this is in celebration of the resurrection of Jesus! To make this happen, we’ll need to raise thousands of dollars and gather hundreds of volunteers. To find out how you can donate toward this project, get involved, request a meal, or spread the word to others, check out the website and “like” Easter Outreach on Facebook.

Home Meeting Service Opportunities

Saturday, March 9 – The Collingswood Group will be hanging out with residents at United Methodist Communities in Collingswood from 10am until noon. If you are interested in joining with them, email Libby Whitman (bliss.elizabeth@gmail.com).