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The Lenten tradition began in the 3rd and 4th centuries of the early church. The practice derived from the biblical narrative of the people of Israel being tested during its 40 years of wandering, as well as from Jesus’ forty day fast in the wilderness. The church has adopted this 40 day period as a season of preparation and repentance in anticipation of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

In Lent, we follow Jesus to the cross, and discover more of what it means to belong together to the crucified and risen One. It is also a season of reflection upon our deep need for the great salvation that Christ has purchased for us. Whether you are only beginning to follow Jesus, or have been a Christian for quite some time, we hope that this season will mold your life around the cross and empty tomb in deeper way.

Services and Events

February 14 Ash Wednesday
February 18 – First Sunday in Lent
February 25 – Second Sunday in Lent
March 4 – Third Sunday in Lent
March 11 – Fourth Sunday in Lent
March 18 – Fifth Sunday in Lent
March 25 – Palm Sunday
March 31Meal Distribution
April 1 Easter Sunday

Easter Outreach

8,000 meals | clean water and famine relief | because the tomb is empty. This Easter, the Liberti network will join with other churches to donate and deliver 8,000 meals to hungry families in the greater Philadelphia region, and raise money to provide clean water and famine relief to families in South Sudan through Water Is Basic. To find out how you can donate toward this project, get involved, request a meal, or spread the word to others, check out the website and like Easter Outreach on Facebook.


Scripture Reading ESV Daily Office Lectionary – daily readings from the Psalms, other Old Testament passages, Gospel readings, and New Testament epistle readings, taken from the daily office lectionary.

Book of Common Prayer – A free app with these daily readings.

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