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Here at your friendly neighborhood Liberti Collingswood, we have our eye on Moorestown, NJ, as a potential place where one day we might begin a second campus and worship service.  There are a number of reasons as to why we’re dreaming in this direction, but the short answer is that it seems like Moorestown is in the “sweet spot” in relation to Collingswood––it’s not super close to us but not super far either, it has cultural affinities with Collingswood, and we sense a missional need in that area.


We had a great first year of meetings during the 2015-2016 school year!  As with all of Liberti Collingswood’s  school year-y activities, our mission to Moorestown took a break from formal activities, and we’re set to relaunch our worship, community, and mercy initiatives there this fall.  Stay tuned, join our Moorestown mailing list, and keep in touch!

We pray that our kind Lord would bless this initiative for the good of many!  In addition, if you’d be interested in hearing more about what’s going on, hooking into activities, and/or if you have Christian or non-Christian contacts or friends in Moorestown with whom Jim might connect, please reach out to him as well.

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