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Sabbaticals Happen!

Many thanks for all of the well wishes, prayers, and support given to Jim for his sabbatical.  He’s wrapped up his ten week jaunt and is happy to report with gratitude that his time away from Liberti Collingswood went wonderfully, and also that he’s happy to be back!  Jim’s sabbatical was punctuated by some travel (namely, meeting up with friends in New Orleans, spending a weekend with his boys in the town of his former church in Texas, and a family trip to Ireland), but most days he found himself at the Philadelphia Museum or Art where he looked a pretty pictures and read lovely books.  It was a time of deep rest, renewal, and refocusing for him.

Just what did Jim read during his sabbatical, you ask?  Well, here’s a list:

Books completed:

Invitation to Solitude and Silence: Experiencing God’s Transforming Presence, by Ruth Haley Barton (5/13)

New Orleans, Mon Amour: Twenty Years of Writing from the City, by Andrei Cordrescu (5/14)

But Beautiful: A Book About Jazz, by Geoff Dyer (5/14)

There Is Simply Too Much To Think About: Collected Nonfiction, by Saul Bellow (ed. Benjamin Taylor) (5/21)

The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus Christ, by Fleming Rutledge (6/1)

Moonglow: A Novel, by Michael Chabon (6/4)

Invisible Cities, by Italo Calvino (6/16)

A Secular Age, by Charles Taylor (6/19)

Wholeheartedness: Busyness, Exhaustion, and Healing the Divided Self, by Chuck DeGroat (6/21)

Born in the U.S.A.: Bruce Springsteen and the American Tradition, by Jim Cullen (6/21)

Where I’m Reading From: The Changing World of Books, by Tim Parks (6/22)

The Heather Blazing: A Novel, by Colm Toibin (7/2)

The Pastor: A Memoir, by Eugene Peterson (7/8)

Books begun (and hopefully someday completed!):

The Goldfinch: A Novel, by Donna Tartt

The New Copernicans: Millennials and the Survival of the Church, by John David Seel, Jr.

Skippy Dies: A Novel, by Paul Murray

Feel Free: Essays, by Zadie Smith