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In The Church

There are numerous opportunities to serve on Sunday mornings. Whether it be setting up for Communion, teaching a kids’ lesson, or running the sound board, it takes over 35 volunteers each week to make Liberti Church Collingswood an inviting community for our friends and neighbors. Check out the list of volunteer teams below. If you are interested in trying out one or more of these opportunities, please fill out this interest form.



Set Up & Tear Down Team and Mixing Board Team:

For individuals who have some experience around music equipment (speakers, amps, sound boards, etc.) we’re looking for your help. Our sound team consists of both engineers, as well as a setup and teardown team. We have a great team of sound engineers who manage our board each week, diagnose sound issues, and provide a simple mix for our service. If you have experience great, but we’re also happy to train individuals with an interest in serving. So please reach out!

Our setup and teardown team is also a great way to help serve the music and sound team. We look to schedule folks once a month to arrive before church to setup the sound equipment. This requires some knowledge of equipment (mics, DI’s, XLR’s, amps, speakers, etc.) We’re happy to train individuals with an interest in serving, it’s not too hard to pick up. Our teardown team is also scheduled once a month to help breakdown gear and put it back into storage. We have a great team and would love to add individuals interested in serving in this way. Thanks!

Lead by: Jonathan Stewart (jonathan@liberti.org)

We’re looking for volunteers who are communicative, fulfill their commitments,  have a desire to serve, and like being part of a team.



Greeting Team:

First impressions are important, and as a greeter you have the unique and important opportunity to be the first point of contact for visitors, regular attendees, and members alike. From 10:45-11:15am, you’ll hand out worship folders  at the front door. But more importantly, you’ll be a welcoming face, a helpful presence, and may have a chance to impart a little of the vision of the church along the way.

Lead by: Rachel Chan (rmwiggans@gmail.com)

Looking for people who are always punctual, friendly to strangers, empathetic, assertive, and hospitable.


Operations Team

It takes a lot of coordination to pull off each service, and as an Operations Team member you have the privilege of serving the church by making sure it all runs smoothly! Each Sunday that you serve, you will be the primary point of contact throughout the morning to ensure all the hospitality volunteer teams are in place and fully staffed, as well as help fill last-minute openings. (Note: You are not responsible for scheduling volunteers. That will be completed by Hospitality Team Leaders and/or the Executive Pastor in advance of each Sunday.)

Lead by: Eric Mitchell (eric@liberti.org)

Looking for people who are always punctual, flexible and adapt quickly, perceptive and detail oriented, reliable and dependable, assertive, and proactive to solve problems.


Prayer Team:

During communion each week, two members from this team (typically one male and one female) stand at the back of the sanctuary and pray with anyone who desires prayer.

Lead by: Omari Faakye (ofaakye1@gmail.com)

Looking for people who are compassionate, empathetic, good listeners, non-judgmental, and regularly pray for others.


Set up Team: 

We are lucky to have such a beautiful space for worship, but many hands are needed each week to prepare Holy Trinity for our worship service. If you have flexibility to arrive early and don’t mind a little manual labor, consider joining this team. Each Sunday you serve, you will arrive at 9:30am, prepare coffee downstairs, set up supplies upstairs, put up signs, and prepare our Liberti Kids spaces.

Lead by: Jay Palacharla (jesus.zailu@gmail.com)

Looking for people who are always punctual, reliable and dependable, perceptive and detail oriented, and proactive to solve problems.


Tear down Team:

If you can’t arrive early on Sundays but don’t mind staying after the service to help us return Holy Trinity to the way we found it, we would love some extra help. Immediately after the service, you will help clean up the worship space, put away supplies, take down signs, tidy up the Liberti Kids spaces, and clean up after coffee hour downstairs.

Lead by: Evelyn Diaz (justemailevelyn@gmail.com)

Looking for people who are reliable and dependable, perceptive and detail oriented, and proactive to solve problems.


Ushering Team:

After folks are greeted at the door they’ll be making their way into the sanctuary. Ushers are there to assist people to find a seat, especially if the sanctuary is full. Ushers Should keep a few extra bulletins to hand out, especially if someone comes in after the greeters have left. Lastly, the Usher, along with a member of finance team, will receive the offering and assist the finance team member to count and record the offering.

Lead by: Barbara Carrol (barcarr83@hotmail.com)

Looking for people who are always punctual, reliable and dependable, perceptive, assertive, friendly to strangers, hospitable and empathetic.



Volunteer Team:

Have kids, like kids, or want to serve other families in the church by giving parents a reprieve during the service? Hang out with our little ones! Liberti Kids I (six months to 2.5 years old) and Liberti Kids II (2.5 years old to Pre-K) meet from the Passing of the Peace through the end of the service, while Liberti Kids III (Kindergarten to second grade) and Liberti Kids IV (third to fifth grade) only meet during the sermon portion of the service. For the infants and toddlers, you’ll need to get the room ready before parents begin dropping off their children, as well as help them get checked-in. For the bigger kids, you’ll check in with the lead teacher(s) for that week before the service to make sure everything is set, then support them with the lesson and activities.

Lead by: Sara Figueroa (sara@liberti.org)

Looking for people who are flexible and able to adapt quickly, comfortable with children, proactive to solve problems, friendly to strangers, compassionate, enjoy being part of a team, and empathetic.


Teaching Team

Our Liberti Kids Teaching team is a great opportunity to interact with our children in Liberti Kids. You will teach a short lesson based on an easy to follow curriculum provided for you. If you are creative and have a passion for teaching, this is the right team for you!

Lead by: Eric Mitchell (eric@liberti.org)

Looking for people who are always punctual, comfortable speaking publicly, always prepared, communicative, and comfortable with children.



Liturgy Team:

The liturgist plays a crucial role in helping to lead the congregation through some elements of the service.  By explaining aspects to newcomers and expounding upon different themes, the liturgist guides the congregants through familiar rhythms each week.  If you serve in this capacity, you will receive ample coaching and a more detailed orientation guide.

Lead by: Brittany MacAdams (brittanymacadams@gmail.com)

Looking for people who are comfortable with public speaking, reliable, always prepared, flexible and able to adapt quickly, and able to take constructive criticism.


Music Team

If you have a music skill and would like to use it to serve on Sunday mornings, than you might be a fit for the worship team. We have weekly teams that rotate serving on Sunday mornings. We’re always looking to add skilled musicians into the mix. Our teams typically consist of a team leader on guitar or keys, bass guitar, drums, backing vocalists, and auxiliary musicians (ie- flute, violin, saxophone, trumpet, cajon, etc). We have a need for more drummers, but we always have a need to folks who have a passion to worship. Novice musicians are encouraged to audition, our music director is happy to train musicians and find a space for instrumentation that fits our aesthetic vision for worship at Liberti.
Lead by: Jonathan Stewart (jonathan@liberti.org)
We’re looking for volunteers who are: reliable and punctual, love to worship Jesus through music, able to sing or play an instrument, and enjoy being part of a team.



If you have any questions or would like more information about serving in our church, please contact Eric (eric@liberti.org).