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In The Church

There are numerous opportunities to serve on Sunday mornings. Whether it be setting up for Communion, teaching a kids’ lesson, or running the sound board, it takes about 35 volunteers each week to make Liberti Church Collingswood an inviting community for our friends and neighbors. Check out the list of volunteer teams below. If you have any questions or would like more information about serving in our church, please contact Eric (eric@liberti.org).

Set up Team:  We are lucky to have such a beautiful space for worship, but many hands are needed each week to prepare the St. Paul’s for our worship service. If you have flexibility to arrive early and don’t mind a little manual labor, consider joining this team. Each Sunday you serve, you will arrive at 8:30am, prepare coffee hour downstairs, set up supplies upstairs, put up signs, and prepare our Liberti Kids spaces. Estimated time commitment is one Sunday every 4-6 weeks.

Tear down Team: If you can’t arrive early on Sundays but don’t mind staying after the service to help us return St. Paul’s to the way we found it, we would love some extra help. Immediately after the service, you will help clean up the worship space, put away supplies, take down signs, tidy up the Liberti Kids spaces, and clean up after coffee hour downstairs. Estimated time commitment is one Sunday every 4-6 weeks.

Greeting Team: First impressions are important, and as a greeter you have the unique and important opportunity to be the first point of contact for visitors, regular attendees, and members alike. From 9:15am – 9:45am, you’ll hand out worship folders  at the front door. But more importantly, you’ll be a welcoming face, a helpful presence, and may have a chance to impart a little of the vision of the church along the way. Estimated time commitment is one Sunday every 6-8 weeks.

Ushering Team: Once folks make it in the door and up the stairs, ushers serve as folks’ second point of contact. You’ll be staged just inside the entrance to the worship space. Your primary duties include helping folks find seats before the service and assisting a Finance Team member pass the offering plates and count the money to be deposited.. Estimated time commitment is one Sunday every 4-6 weeks.

Prayer Team: During communion each week, two members from this team (typically one male and one female) stand at either the side of the stage and pray with anyone who desires prayer. Estimated time commitment is one Sunday every 4-6 weeks.

Hospitality Team Leader: Most of our Hospitality volunteer teams (Set up, Tear down, Greeting, Ushering, Offering, and Prayer) are scheduled on a weekly basis, and the frequency at which each volunteer is scheduled depends on the total number of volunteers for that team. To help with the training, coordination, and recognition of our growing volunteer base, Hospitality Team Leaders will oversee the efforts of the following teams: Set up/Tear down, Greeting/Ushering/Offering, and Prayer. Team Leaders commit to serving for at least twelve months and will help to create/maintain training materials, train new volunteers, ensure volunteers are set each week, and coordinate ongoing communication.

Audio/Sound Team: If you have a musical background or you are savvy with sound equipment, this team could use your skills! As part of the Sound Board Team, you’ll run the mixer board in the back of the sanctuary during the duration worship service.  As part of the Tear Down Team, you’ll help immediately after the serve concludes to clear the stage for St. Paul’s. (Additionally, if you’d want to serve on these teams but don’t have prior experience with setting up and running sound, we’d be happy to train you!) Estimated time commitment is one Sunday every 4-6 weeks.

Liberti Kids Team: Have kids, like kids, or want to serve other families in the church by giving parents a reprieve during the service? Hang out with our little ones! Liberti Kids I (six months to three years) meets from the Passing of the Peace through the end of the service, while Liberti Kids II (four years to first grade) and Liberti Kids III (second to fifth grade) only meet during the sermon portion of the service. For the infants and toddlers, you’ll need to get the room ready before parents begin dropping off their children, as well as help them get checked-in. For the bigger kids, you’ll check in with the lead teacher(s) for that week before the service to make sure everything is set, then support them with the lesson and activities. Estimated time commitment is one Sunday every 4-6 weeks.

Liturgy Team: At Liberti Collingswood, every worship service is designed to rehearse the various movements of God’s work toward us in Jesus Christ. As someone who helps to guide the congregation through the elements of each service, the role of the liturgist is a crucial one. If you serve in this capacity, you will receive ample coaching and a more detailed orientation guide. Estimated time commitment is one Sunday every 8 weeks.