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Summer Mini Courses

What’s up this summer? Once school lets out, we’re going to place many of our small groups on summertime siesta, but don’t think that Liberti Collingswood will check out to the Shore until September!

Give a gander at our newly released menu of summer mini-course offerings and enjoy what different folks at Liberti are able to offer to our community. Typically any group will meet once or twice over the summer, and as you can see, the offerings cover a wide variety of interests and time slots. In addition to connecting with folks from within our congregation, please treat any of these mini-courses as invitational opportunities to friends and neighbors, both in order to have some fun together and also to give others a window into the unchurchy end of church spectrum.

If you’d want to plug into some community this summer, SIGN UP HERE, and let Eric (eric@liberti.org) know if you’d have any questions.