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In our worship services at Liberti Collingswood, we narrate and celebrate what God has done, and is doing, for the world in Jesus Christ. Whether you are skeptical about Christian faith, curious about Christ, or a seasoned Christian, worship points us to what we all need––the gospel.

One important part of what we do on Sundays is that we use “liturgy” as an aid in our services––things like a call to worship, confession of sin, communion, and written prayers in addition to the usuals like singing and preaching. These elements of worship help us to reengage with the different movements of God’s good story for our world by telling us anew of creation, fall, redemption, and renewal in Jesus. Liturgical worship was actually developed in the ancient church not only to build healthy rhythms into the Christian life but also to make worship intelligible and accessible to non-Christians! In addition, even as we include ancient liturgical forms in worship, we aim to balance that impulse with many modern elements. We apply a modern sensibility to what we do––irony, energy, and humor with the reverence, solemnity, and depth––as well as use eclectically modern instrumentation for our music. (We likewise try to strike an “ancient-modern” balance with our songs; we enjoy combining the old and the new.)

Whether you have been a Christian for some time, or are only beginning to explore Christianity, we would love for you to join us. All are welcome at Liberti worship services, and feel free to dress casually.  Our services last 75 minutes.