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Current Series

Join us this fall at Liberti Collingswood for our sermon series, “Prophetic Love: God’s Mission in the Minor Prophets.”  (The 12 books of the Minor Prophets comprise the last part of the Hebrew Scriptures, a.k.a. the Old Testament.)

There’s “prophetic” in our series title because we’re actually studying prophets (duh), but more importantly, we discover in these volumes that the one true God not only is but speaks to us.  From above and outside our arenas of heated words, talking heads, and buzzing phones pierces our creator’s voice that reorders us, both by way of critique and comfort.  In this sermon series, we’ll hear from the God who has spoken and still speaks words of judgment and restoration to a hurting planet.

Although the Minor Prophets delivered their messages in an ancient context much different from our own, they nevertheless still portray to us the God who never changes and project for us a world that should (and will) be changed for our good.  In addition, not only are the words of the Minor Prophets prophetic, but they’re also loving; God wants to heal, redeem, and restore this creation, and even his words of judgment are designed for that purpose.  As we read the Minor Prophets, we’ll see God’s loving mission in Christ to our world, which likewise will inform and shape our calling to live, speak, and serve as the very presence of Jesus in Collingswood and surrounding boroughs.

To listen to messages in this series, head on over to the Sermons page, or better yet, come visit on Sunday mornings!