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Current Series

As late modern men and women, we seek many different things, many of them good if a little problematicwealth, community, stability, love, fun, recognition, and so on.  It’s true that it’s healthy for us to pursue such venerable goals as life, liberty, and happiness.  But here’s another one: joy.

When was the last time that you experienced a sustained period of genuine joy?  For most of us, the answer at best is, “It’s been a while.”  We may even believe that joy is so far beyond our reach that it’s not worth searching out.  However, St. Paul the Apostle in his letter to the Philippian church repeatedly affirms that in Jesus of Nazareth, joy is something that’s possible, attainable, and indeed commanded.

Join us this fall and winter as we journey through this most joyful of Paul’s epistles, and let’s see if God will actually meet us and grace us with durable joy.

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