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Current Series

All of the other contenders are only pretenders! Not only is Jesus of Nazareth’s “Sermon on the Mount” the best sermon ever, it’s the single most famous speech in the history of the world. So maybe it’s worth tuning into?! However, for all of the Sermon on the Mount’s familiarity, even among those that may not have a Christian background or beliefs, these sayings of Jesus are no less revolutionary today than when he first delievered them. “Blessed are the meek”––really? “Turn the other cheek”––not fun! Whether you’re already committed to following Jesus or merely open to exploring what that might mean for you, see ya at Liberti Collingswood this fall as we discover nothing less than a new and different way to live. The Sermon on the Mount is designed to turn us into better versions of ourselves: better (or new) disciples of Jesus, yes, but also better neighbors and better humans. By meeting Jesus on the mountain we’ll find a new world.

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