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Current Series

Between now and the Easter season, our sermon series will take us on a journey through the gospel of Luke! In this narrative account of Christ’s life, Luke tells the story of how in Jesus of Nazareth, the one true God has come to fulfill his ancient promises to inaugurate his kingdom in all of its originally-intended fulness of blessing. God’s work in Christ is for all peoples––Jew and Gentile, male and female, rich and poor.  In fact, Jesus towards the very end of his life identifies himself as “the one who serves,” a phrase which we’ve taken as the title of the series. Jesus himself, Light from Light and True God from True God, delights to serve us through his crucifixion and resurrection, and we’re called to do the same! Throughout this sermon series, we’ll commend this Christ to Christians, seekers, and skeptics as we urge followers of Jesus to take up our own “crosses” in the service of all.

To listen to messages in this series, head on over to the Sermons page, or better yet, come visit on Sunday mornings!