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Current Series

An older Scottish minister once observed, “The Fourfold Gospel [i.e., the four narrative accounts of Jesus’ life in the New Testament] is the central portion of Divine Revelation. Into it, as a Reservoir, all the foregoing revelations pour their full tide, and out of it, as a Fountain, flow all the subsequent revelations. In other parts of Scripture we hear Christ by the hearing of the ear; but here our eye seeth him. Elsewhere we see Him through a glass darkly; but here, face to face.”

Every winter and spring at Liberti Church Collingswood––through the liturgical seasons of Epiphany and Lent––we enter into a sermon series focusing on one of these four gospels, and this year we are reflecting upon the volume of St. Matthew. During the rest of our year, we consider aspects of the scriptural narrative that either look toward or back upon Jesus of Nazareth, but here in Matthew we are able to glimpse the center of God’s story for us and for the world. Specifically, Matthew’s gospel is an earthy gospel where we see a very real Jesus interacting with very real people who are much like us. Let’s walk with Jesus through these seasons.

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