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Current Series

Community. Everyone wants it, but few of us are actually good at it. In keeping with our ministry emphasis upon community for this school year, our fall-and-early-winter sermon series will focus on the same thing. Get off your island, and start building some real community! On one hand, community is a buzzword everywhere, but on the other, Jesus of Nazareth gives unique resources to his church in order that we might practice connection and unity in distinctive and powerful ways. The sermons in this series will be drawn out of Rusty George’s Better Together: Discover the Power of Community. But don’t worry: we’ll make sure that these messages are served up with Liberti Collingswood’s special sriracha.  Whether you’re near or far from Jesus (or from Collingswood), tune on in!

To listen to messages in this series, head on over to the Sermons page, or better yet, join us on our YouTube channel every Sunday morning at 11am.