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Current Series

“Let’s make Lent buff!”

Said no one, ever. Nevertheless, here at Liberti Collingswood for 2019, we’re seeking to elevate the importance of the season of Lent. We’ve celebrated Lent in the past, of course, but this winter and spring we hope to place more weight upon it so that it feels like more of a discreet segment of time in our liturgical year. As a result, this is the first year that we’re dedicating a sermon series specifically to Lent, and we’ll be looking at the gospel of Matthew. In these messages, we’ll follow after Jesus along the road to his crucifixion. Matthew in these chapters seeks a response from his readers: if Jesus faced such a trial and death as this, how then should we live?  How can we take up our cross and follow this Christ?

To listen to messages in this series, head on over to the Sermons page, or better yet, come visit on Sunday mornings!