What is Advent?

The word advent means “coming” or “arrival.” In the Christian tradition, Advent is the first season of the Christian calendar and is marked by hopeful waiting for the coming of the Messiah. During early Christian history, the celebration of the first coming of Jesus was a season joined with preparation, especially for new believers as they were coming into the faith for baptism. On Christmas day, these new converts would receive the sacrament of baptism in accordance with the arrival of Jesus into the world to make all things new.

Today, Advent represents the location of the Church within these “last days” as we await the second coming of Jesus into the world. The church, like Israel before her, is in exile, awaiting the coming of the Messiah, who will free us ultimately and finally. In Advent, we look back in celebration upon Christ’s coming while at the same time looking forward in eager expectation of the coming of Christ’s kingdom when he returns for his people. Therefore, during Advent, we practice active, hopeful, and prayerful waiting. Additionally, Christian waiting is not lazy. Because we know God to be faithful, we join him in his work of making all things new and celebrate the victory of our King Jesus.


Sunday, November 28 – First Sunday of Advent
Sunday, December 5 – Second Sunday of Advent
Sunday, December 12 – Third Sunday of Advent
Sunday, December 19 – Fourth Sunday of Advent
Friday, December 24 – Christmas Eve Service

Christmas Eve awaits!  Join us for Christmas Eve service at Holy Trinity on Friday, 12/24, at 4:00pm as well as via livestream. This time of worship will be family friendly and shorter than a normal, Sunday morning service; as such, we won't be offering Liberti Kids but will encourage families to keep their kiddos in the sanctuary for the duration of worship. At this worship service, we'll donate the entirety of the evening's offering to our 'For Others' Christmas Campaign. Come prepared to give generously!


If you squint hard, you'll spot a fast-approaching Advent season, which commemorates the coming of Jesus into the world two thousand years ago. As our congregation "prepares him room" this December, we're encouraging our folks to work through weekly Advent devotionals as a spiritual help.

Since Advent is the beginning of the annual liturgical calendar for the church, this is a great time to set some new rhythms for spiritual practices in the home, both as individuals and families. 

We’ll be posting weekly Advent devotionals which will include Advent liturgies for adults, families & children, and activities for all Liberti Kids age groups. 

Even if you’ve never practiced devotionals in tu case, start here!


Introducing YoungLives of Camden County as the recipient of this year's 'For Others' Christmas Campaign at Liberti Collingswood!  YoungLives is a holistic Christian ministry to teen mothers in our area and does wonderful work in giving love and care to these neighbors through a variety of spiritual and social helps. 

A highlight of the YoungLives ministry year is their summer camp at which teen moms get to spend a week in nature while being served and refreshed.  Lots of childcare is provided!  This summer camp offers a life-changing experience for participants, and at Liberti Collingswood, we're going to send as many of them there as we can.  The total cost to send a mother and children to camp is $600. 

In addition to any normal Christmas offerings you may give, would you consider contributing toward a camp "ticket"––or part of one, or more than one?  Our goal is to raise $9,000, which would enable 15 families to get to camp.  Our stretch goal is $12,000, and would allow 20 families to get to camp. You can donate by sending designated cash or designated check to the church (“‘For Others’ Christmas Campaign”) or online right now (the campaign runs through the end of Christmas season on January 5th)!


Foster the Family Drive

Children in foster care need to feel that they belong, that they are wanted, that they are part of a family.  Giving the gift of family traditions, the opportunity for memories, and the offering of quality time is a meaningful present we can give to children in foster care! Join us this year at Liberti Collingswood as we sponsor families through Foster the Family to give children in foster care a special memory.  Your sponsorship of $15 provides a child in foster care with a special memory, a “Night of Lights." Each child sponsored will have the opportunity to go to their choice of either Johnson’s Farm or Digger Land with their foster family.  Look for a Christmas tree at Holy Trinity with "donation ornaments" for Foster the Family.  Take one (or more) home and then make a donation between the Sundays, 11/28 and 12/19!  (Alternatively, you can give a gift at https://www.fosterthefamily.org/christmastraditions).  

If you have any questions, please contact Megan Clapper ( ).


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