We don't just want to see each other on Sundays. We want to go deeper in our faith together. To consider each other friends. Even to party.

So, here are some next steps you can take to find your community: 

Summer Supper Clubs

Summer Supper Clubs are an opportunity to casually mingle with Liberti folks over a meal at a host home. The specific locations and hosts are deliberately obscured to encourage you to take a risk and interact with people that you might not have had the chance to meet yet. Shortly before the date of the Supper Club, your host will reach out to you with more specific information including who they are, where they live, and if they want you to bring anything more than a smile.

Remember, a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet.

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Home Meetings (on break for the Summer)

Home Meetings are groups of people who gather in domiciles or virtually on a regular basis. These huddles are an integral part of development and mission for Liberti churches where Christian community is primarily cultivated and fostered. People are introduced to what it means to be a Christian, encouraged in their relationship with God, and supported in order to contribute to the welfare of people of Collingswood and its surrounding boroughs.

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Ready to take the plunge?

Throughout biblical history, we read of the theme of God’s binding himself to his people by promising to bless and save them. The biblical word for these loving promises is “covenant,” which is a particular and peculiar bond that goes deeper than a simple contract. 

At Liberti Church Collingswood we use the word “covenant” for our membership because we seek to model that same covenant love in our relationships together as a community.  Our In-Covenant classes mark the beginning of this process.


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