Lenten Rhythms

  • A sermon series titled "Racism: A Lenten Lament."  The foundation of this series will be scriptural, while the book Weep with Me: How Lament Opens a Door for Racial Reconciliation will feature as a secondary dialogue partner.  (Weep with Me is recommended reading!) Our Post Sunday Blues podcasts will likewise unpack these sermons.
  • Beginning on Saturday, 3/20, Gene Park (an elder at Liberti Church Collingswood and principal in the Cherry Hill school district) will direct the first of three monthly Zoom conversations about cultural proficiency titled, "Racial Reconciliation: It Matters Because It Matters to God." At these workshops, we'll learn about how to be proactive agents of racial peace in a fractured world. (Subsequent dates will be 4/17 and 5/15.)
  • Our Home Meetings will take the two weeks prior to Holy Week (3/16-18 & 3/23-25) off from our year-long series about community in order to debrief what we've been learning about racial issues during Lent.
  • Those making this journey with us are encouraged to consider taking a "step of consecration"––whatever form it may embody––as it relates to racial injustice.  These individual steps will be offered electronically to God at our Maundy Thursday service.
  • The Liberti Network is calling us to a season of renewal and prayer and is hosting for all of our churches a Wednesday-at-noon prayer liturgy over Zoom during Lent.  (Click here every week at that time.) In addition, text (215) 650-8092  to receive a text with a daily Lenten Prayer every Monday through Friday over these six weeks.
  • A ten day antiracism text campgain will run beginning on Monday, 4/12, as follow up and enirchment.  Text “liberti” to 856-329-7775 to join in!

Services and Events

  • February 17 Ash Wednesday service
  • February 21 – First Sunday in Lent 
  • February 28 – Second Sunday in Lent
  • March 7 – Third Sunday in Lent
  • March 14 – Fourth Sunday in Lent
  • March 20 – "Racial Reconciliation: It Matters Because It Matters to God" workshop
  • March 21 – Fifth Sunday in Lent 
  • March 28 – Palm Sunday
  • April 1 – Maundy Thursday service
  • April 4 – Easter Sunday


Sundays at 11:15am

839 Haddon Ave., Collingswood, NJ 08108

Liberti Church Collingswood