Re-launching for a New Day

Long, long ago, but in a galaxy quite near, Liberti Collingswood was planted––and, by God's grace successfully. Now, we need to launch anew.

If nothing else in 2021 is business-as-usual, our church shouldn’t be, either. Instead of blithely shuffling back toward all of our previous practices, we believe that God is issuing to us a call that we seize this new season as an opportunity to refocus, to recommit, and to get serious about the mission into which the Lord Jesus invites us. We're calling it the Re:Presence Initiative.

A 24-Month Journey

The Re:Presence Initiative will be more than a single program or sermon series but instead will inform everything we’ll undertake from the fall of 2021 and for the next two years. In our worship, in our community, in our mercy, and in our mission, how might we grow in becoming more present to God, more present to one another, and more present in our communities? Likewise, through this initiative, we hope that our God would be more present with us. See below for different aspects of the Re:Presence Initiative!

Here’s a snapshot of different pathways of the Re:Presence Initiative to occur during the 24 months of this project. We’ll be rolling out these church-wide strategies and goals within that time frame.


  • Produce online content that helps our congregation to cultivate spiritual disciplines and to practice embodied formation (“walk”)––as well as equip Christians to understand their faith in distinction from secular narratives (“worldview”)
  • Enlarge and sharpen our online presence


  • Ask In-Covenant members to “re-covenant” with us and challenge regular attenders to join with us in membership for the first time
  • Develop a comprehensive Christian education program for Liberti Kids
  • Create clear avenues for children and students to be baptized, make professions of faith, and begin taking the Lord’s Supper
  • Design Home Meetings for the personal space (6-15 adults) that are non-geographical and focused on equipping, spiritual formation, and discipleship
  • Create Parishes for the social space (20-50 adults) that are geographical (Cherry Hill, Burlington County, online, etc.) and focused on social connection and mercy opportunities
  • Launch Discipleship Cells for the intimate space (2-3 adults) that are focused on deeper, same-gendered relationships and mutual accountability


  • Send a short term missions team to an international ministry partner
  • Recommit to partnering in mission with Urban Promise of Camden as well as develop strategic local partnerships with a limited number of organizations
  • Create both venues within our congregation to continue dialogue about issues related to racism, racial reconciliation, and racial injustice and also opportunities outside the walls of the church to engage with these realities
  • Increase our church’s generosity towards those in need, to our local and international ministry partners, and to church planting.

The point of all of these Re:Presence Initiative pieces is that church and community members would grow in following Jesus! Especially now, the church must foster disciples of Christ that are resilient in the face of secularity’s constant onslaught. Here are the personal practices we’ll seek to build over these 24 months. Come and be a disciple of Jesus here!


  • Gathered worship
  • Daily office (Bible saturation and prayer)
  • Sabbath
  • Fasting and feasting


  • Gospel community/friendship


  • Missional engagement
  • Service
  • Generosity and stewardship

There is no Re:Presence Initiative without you! You can join with us in the following ways.

  • Take a fridge magnet and pray
  • Attend a Home Meeting
  • Worship in person or online
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Check out our blog
  • Volunteer to help with one of the pathways
  • Join our Facebook groups (TPSB and Re:P)


Sundays at 11:15am

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