All churches in the Liberti Communion share the same three core values: worship, community, and mercy.

If you’re a human being, you’re a worshipper! The only question is what we might worship. Too often we set ourselves upon relationships, careers, money, accomplishments, approval, comfort, power, and other “idolatries” that will only ever take from us.  To that end, Liberti seeks to refocus our hearts on Jesus Christ, who gives us what we truly need––acceptance, approval, and reconciliation with the God from whom we’re estranged. 

Worship begins with meeting together on Sunday mornings––virtual church counts too!––for a time of prayer, praise, and preaching. Click here to tune into our worship service online every Sunday at 11:15am! Stay tuned, too, for info related to when we'll reopen at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Collingswood.

The Christian life was never meant to be practiced alone. One of the great things about following Jesus is that we get to find community with other people. Jesus frees us to engage with others transparently as givers, not takers. At Liberti Church Collingswood, sometimes we hang out and have fun, and sometimes we get serious and go deeper with one another.

Our primary expression of community at Liberti is our home meetings. But we also host church-wide events, such as picnics in the parks. Click over to the calendar to find some more opportunities to jump into community life.

Just as we’re served in word and deed by Christ, we can only truly live, speak, and serve as his very presence if we’re not only saying stuff, but doing stuff. As Jesus has shown us mercy, we’re called to show mercy and practice justice with others! 

We’ve consistently partnered with various religious and secular organizations in order to serve others and promote justice in our region. Moreover, we want to be good citizens of the world and do works of service, justice, and mercy in places far from us as well.  Click here to learn more about our local and international partnerships! 


Sundays at 11:15am

839 Haddon Ave., Collingswood, NJ 08108

Liberti Church Collingswood